June 5, 2019

Knowing Mitch Hall for a long time it was great to connect with him again when I needed some expert guidance with my overweight issue from a serious accident that left me idle for 6 weeks. Gaining 35 lbs is no laughing matter and trimming down was incredibly hard to do quickly without the know-how to accomplish this. After reaching out to Mitch he gave me a regimen of easy at first exercises and by the end of 4 weeks I not only lost more than half the weight, but my energy and endurance were greatly enhanced!. I can honestly say that with no help I would have been somewhat doomed to a fate unlike me.

Thank you Mitch for your precise, organized effort with a true balance of diet and workouts that got me in good health again!

Nick Thompson

August 14, 2020

I can’t say enough about how Mitch Hall helped me reach my health and fitness goals. I was having health issues with massive kidney stones and extreme hypertension before I started and needed to do something quick so I could be there for my family and for my general well-being. Mitch put me on a basic program to get my heart rate up, build muscle, and lose weight. I started exercising 3-4 times a week, walking every day, and eating right. His program kept me motivated and accountable daily.

After 3 months the doctor said my bp is now normal and under control. I’ve lost 18 pounds, I’m much stronger and have more energy. My family and I are grateful for his help. I could not have done this without his guidance.  His daily messages helped me to stay on track.

Marty Rogers 

August 16, 2020

Stoic Men’s Fitness has an extremely beneficial system where they design personal training programs that include daily motivation and accountability for their clients. They offer professional assistance and technology to help you meet your goals. I’ve been training HIIT for a few months and have tremendously increased my endurance and strength. I recommend you give them a call.

David Porter