30 Day Challenge

The Stoic Men’s Fitness Get Lean and Fit for Spring Challenge begins Wednesday, March 1st, and will last through Wednesday, May 31st. This 90 Day Challenge will be open for enrollment until Saturday, March 4th.

The Stoic Men’s Fitness 30 Day Challenge for Februrary was an exceptional month. Many participants attained personal records not just in number of reps and sets, but also with the number of pounds lost. Everyone is to be applauded for their tenacity and resolve during an extremely challenging 30 Day Challenge. The strength you have all demonstrated is commendable. Your dedication and willingness to push yourselves using voluntary discomfort is inspiring. Keep up the tremendous work ethic! Just remember, do not stop when you feel like giving up. As I said, there is good pain, and bad pain. We discussed the difference. Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Doing so, helps you combat those days you don’t want to workout. Those of you familiar with these obstacles, have been there before and were able to pull through. Support and help the newcomers. Use those struggles as motivation and recount those past victories to get you and your teammates to the next level.

Friendly reminder to always stay hydrated. Dehydration can be serious, so it’s critical you drink a minimum 1/2 your bodyweight (lbs) plus 32 oz. Ex. 180 lbs x .50 = 90 oz + 32 oz = 122 oz of water. Don’t make this harder than necessary by not drinking enough water.

While some of you may be more challenged with the workouts, others may be more tested with nutrition. As you know, setting attainable goals is key and you’ve proven with hard work and discipline, you can make significant progress not only with your exercise goals, but also with life in general. All of you are showing your Stoicism by embracing Voluntary Discomfort, Temperance, and Courage.

I mentioned before starting on this path, doing something physically demanding on a regular basis will not only build your body but also your mind. While being strong physically is important, being tough mentally is even more so. There may be times when you don’t want to exercise, do chores, work, study, or anything you’re not looking forward to tackling. Doing those things builds self-confidence and mental fortitude. This new found mental strength will bleed over to other parts of your life.

Each day strive to push a little harder than the day before. Remember to stay focused on your nutrition and hydration. Don’t forget to rest! Keep in mind your body recovers, and your muscles grow while you sleep. So, getting adequate sleep is critical to keep those gains you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Don’t stop exercising now! You’ve made tremendous progress and can take those hard-earned wins to the next level, smash your personal records, and have a giant head start for the summer. Be the envy of your family and friends by being lean and fit for those outdoor BBQ’s and the beach.

This program includes individualized training with weekly video calls, dozens of workout programs and exercise videos, your own customized app, daily accountability reminders, etc. The workouts are designed with your goals in mind and based on your strengths and any limitations you may have.

The 30, 60, and 90 Day Challenges are one-of-a-kind programs. Participants have been successful because the Challenge holds you accountable. The workouts don’t require any equipment or a gym membership. However, you can use equipment if you wish. You can perform workouts at home, outside, in a park, etc.

This unique system instills motivation, persistence, and accountability. This is particularly helpful for those who have had limited access to a gym, or a lack of desire to exercise in general. The advantage of using the Stoic Men’s Fitness format, is you’re able to exercise with your exclusive program on your schedule and nobody else’s.

Join me on this exciting trek as fitness as we know it, has changed and become more interactive. This has increased your chances for success so you can hit your important goals. Take the first step and text STOIC to 41259 or click offdaytrainer.com/t/32498

FAQ Stoic Men’s Fitness 30 Day Fitness Challenge and 90 Day Fitness Challenge

How does the program work? Once you text STOIC to 41259 or go to offdaytrainer.com/t/32498, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and confirm to receive texts. The questionnaire helps determine which exercise routines are best suited for you and your goals. Once the questionnaire is received, we will have a video call to discuss your goals in more detail, and any limitations you may have based on past injuries, health challenges, etc. A program will then be created based on those findings. The video call usually takes 20 minutes.

You will receive daily texts for motivation, reminders, encouragement, etc. Please save “Stoic Men’s Fitness” to 41259 so you know who the text is from. Download the Trainerize app for your Android or Apple phone. Once you’ve completed your account setup, you will be able to access your workout. There is also an option to setup your wearable device if you wish to track your progress. There is a short 10-second instruction video for each exercise. The programs will state how long each workout will take to complete.

You don’t need any equipment for the program. However, you’re free to use weights, bands, fitness or balance balls, etc., if you prefer. There are hundreds of videos available, so it shouldn’t be an issue. We will have one video call a week to ensure you’re on track with your goals and answer any questions. This is a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day program. It’s not a membership and there’s no obligation to continue. However, many participants continue monthly because once they start seeing results and like the program and holds them accountable, and it’s become a welcomed new habit.

How much does the program cost? The program is normally $60/mo. The Stoic Men’s Fitness Get Lean and Fit for Spring Challenge is a 90 Day Challenge. It starts Wednesday, March 1st with enrollment open through Saturday, March 4th. This package includes Fitness Challenges for March thru May. The three-month package is only $150. There is also a 60 Day Challenge package available for $110. The 60 Day Challenge ends Sunday, April 30. If you wish to participate in the 30 Day Challenge the price is $60, and will end Friday, March 31st.

How long will it take me to see results? It depends on what condition you’re starting with and how committed you are. The number of weekly workouts, nutrition, hydration, and sleep schedule will have a great effect on your success. Many people begin seeing results after a few weeks.

How often should I workout? Like anything else, you get the best results the more effort and time you’re able to commit. However, I don’t suggest going all out and attacking the exercises every day. You could overtrain or create a new injury or aggravate an old one. Three (minimum) to five (maximum) times a week have been shown to be the most effective.

When should I workout? That’s the beauty of this program. You can workout whenever or wherever is convenient for you. This way you’re not dictated to a time that doesn’t work for you. Please note-it’s not advisable to exercise less than three hours before bedtime. An elevated heart rate may keep you awake all night.

Why should I choose your program over the gym? The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you haven’t been in a while. Being in the privacy of your home (or wherever you feel comfortable exercising) removes that fear. Also, there is no wasted time with driving/traffic, changing into your workout clothes, dealing with a crowded gym or classes, cleanliness of the facilities, wait times for machines or dumbbells, room to stretch, etc. In addition, when you’re under a contract with a gym, you pay every month regardless whether you workout or not. The exercise programs I design are tailored for you and rarely take longer than 30 minutes. Traffic alone could be longer if going to the gym. Plus, you’re not tethered to a class start time, have to deal with childcare, safety from other members, etc.

What about medications? Get your doctor’s approval before starting any exercise program. Also, keep in mind the medication you’re prescribed, and the condition(s) being treated when exercising.

What forms of payment do you accept? PayPal, or cash. PayPal has been the most efficient.